Brand Desire: Opening the package

Promotional packaging of Luksusowa vodka for the American market.

The World of Luksusowa is a world of real men who can make fun of themselves.

According to our 5D packaging design method, we have proposed a packaging-challenge: the box should be opened with bare hands. The prize are four glasses. We have developed this concept also for packaging with one glass, and even for a bottle without any glass.

In the 5D approach, the idea of packaging-challenge is expressed in all 5 dimensions:
Design – it works on the senses (in this case the sense of touch) and takes into account the remaining 5D areas
Distribution – a solid packaging of fragile content as a POS
Decoy – promotional glasses + male challenge
Demonstration – opening a bottle is an important point of the event and an opportunity to demonstrate the brand’s value
Desire – desire for total experience of the Luksusowa brand before the bottle is opened

PS. As an example of another proposal for the same promotion with metal glasses, we also present “the only tool that a real man needs” 😉