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We take into account 5 areas of brand activity: Design, Distribution, Decoy,
Demonstration, Desire.

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Box Office Studio is part of the DBA Agency that specializes in the 5D packaging design using our unique method, which we develop by implementing projects for leading brands.

5D packaging design

Thanks to long term and multidimensional experience that we have gained in all major areas of brand communication, we have developed an original method of packaging design. We called it 5D. We develop it by drawing practical conclusions from everyday operations of large and small projects, as well as following emerging design trends and technological or material innovations. Modern brand design is more than just graphic design of packaging or label design. Whether it's London or Warsaw graphic designers specializing in packaging, have to go beyond the traditional role. In our work, we take into account not only the appearance of the packaging, but also its impact on the senses of touch, smell and even hearing. This sensuality of packaging is very important in itself, but it is only one of the areas that includes 5D packaging design.

Everything is packaging

In the relationship between the consumer and the product, we distinguish five key dimensions: Design, Desire, Distribution, Decoy and Demonstration. In a comprehensive and consistent way, they respond to the problems that the marketing department solves in everyday work. 5D is not just a tool that our graphic studio uses. It allows us to carefully analyze the packaging design, organize the work, and inspire you to discover innovative solutions. Starting from the determination of measurable features of the product and ending with communication with the consumer. In each of the 5D dimensions, the consumer should be encouraged to purchase the product. The consumer likes to be not only tempted to buy, but also confirmed in the rightness of his choice, especially because he can choose a different brand at any time. Therefore, we take into account the actions or omissions of competition considered in all areas of 5D.

The packaging is everything

The 5D method facilitates packaging design in accordance with the communication strategy and the commercial reality. The final point is how the packaging works in practice, not in theory. Our graphics studio is made up of specialists who understand that the design of the label or the shape of the packaging is just one of many elements of marketing communication. But sometimes it is the only element that can be used by marketers in market communication. The consumer's decision about product selection is affected by activity in all 5D dimensions. It is worth noting that even if you do not do an advertising campaign, it can be done by your competition, affecting consumers' expectations towards the whole product category. A slight inconsistency in the 5D architecture of the product makes it less likely on the market. Sometimes it's enough to improve a small thing to get tangible benefits.

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