Porter with plum shiner


The Jabłonowo Brewery successively develops Manufaktura Piwna brand created by DBA, introduces interesting craft beers to the market. In this case, the Imperial Porter Baltic with the addition of smoked plum.
We offered an unshowy name “Porter with plum shiner” and framed it in a humorously provocative style. The bottle was painted matt black, and then a two-color print was applied on it. To make the “totally limited edition” even more limited, the beer could also be purchased in a sealed bottle placed in a carton tube. In communication, we have used all required elements such as product description, serving proposition, recommended temperature, and added something in the spirit of 5D design philosophy – this is probably the first proposal for a musical illustration on a beer label. Of course, quite avant-garde. And it works!
75 percent of the production volume was sold on the day of release. “Porter with plum shiner” gathered very positive reviews among beer critics and consumers, both for the quality of beer and the style of communication.


“Porter with plum shiner” was also awarded in the Kreatura 2017 contest in the Design category.


“Porter with plum shiner” got also the Special Award in Kratura 2017 for “the most endearing creation, which the jury would like to personally see in its local shop”